The Blaze – Lullaby

Album : Jungle

Label : Animal63
© 2023 Animal63

Cousins Guillaume and Jonathan Alric finally follow up on their first album Dancehall, which brought the planet to their feet in 2018 through the audiovisual success of their hit Territory, sending them to Coachella in no time. Launched into the machine of world tours without notice, the duo designed this second long format especially for their future live performances, by experimenting more than usual and using more analog machines, whose grain is unrivaled on systems -XXL festival sound.

If their modus operandi has evolved a little, the concept has not changed: taking the listener on a journey through videos designed at the same time as the audio, and making their hairs stand on end with hypnotic electronic melodies . We note a few side steps like Clash, a synthpop à la MGMT, or the dub of Madly, but The Blaze definitely remains the king of the sunset, with titles like Lullaby or Eyes. And if the rhythms take a more rhythmic turn, like the almost tribal beats of Dreamer or Siren, the melodic techno vein à la Kalkbrenner is exploited to the fullest, which promises a new series of thrills on stage.
© Smaël Bouaici/Qobuz