WhoMadeWho – Oblivion

Album: Synchronicity II

© 2020 Kompakt
℗ 2020 Kompakt

“We have always been very fortunate to meet and know many talented producers. In recent years, we have been exploring those relationships with different remixes and collaborations, and every time something exciting came out. That’s why we started our Synchronicity project. To challenge ourselves making inspiring, fun and beautiful music.

‘Synchronicity’ means “the simultaneous occurrence of events which appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.

This very well describes how our path led to the place we are now – somewhere between the club and indie scenes.” – WhoMadeWho

KOMPAKT welcomes back three dear friends – Copenhagen’s WhoMadeWho. Tomas Barfod’s penchant for electronic music poetically juxtaposed with Tomas Høffding and Jeppe Kjellberg’s respective backgrounds in rock and jazz, gives their music an electrifying combination of sounds, merging a variety of influences to produce a unique sonic fingerprint that is emotive, irresistible and immensely satisfying.

Though we both have yet to strike a note together since the release of their 2012 full length “Brighter” (KOM 254), WhoMadeWho have been remarkably productive. With two full lengths, a DJ mix for Watergate’s series and releasing two of 2019’s most played out club tracks together with Rampa (Innervisions) and Artbat (Watergate Records), the trio have found themselves diving more and more into the world of electronic music, tapping into their goldmine of connections within the scene to spearhead an array of collaborations.

The result is Synchronicity – a series of 3 EP’s then a full length album to be released throughout 2020 on KOMPAKT.

We start things off with a collaboration with Ireland’s finest dance music export, Mano Le Tough. “Oblivion” is a dream matrimony which is blissfully charged by an emotional beat and swaying vocals. Barcelona’s Marc Piñol has been an extended part of the Kompakt family thanks to his connections to the Nitsa family and our adoration for his DJing and releases on labels such as Hivern Discs and Black Money. Laid back and severely sexy, “Sooner” sways the soul with its disco flared passion. Another artist we cannot get enough of is Berlin’s Perel – she brings her singular vision of Neue Deutsche Welle to a classic WhoMadeWho beat on “Der Abend Birgt Keine Ruh”. It’s a duet like none other. Last but not least, Frank Wiedemann is famed for his work as half of Âme and also as a member of The Howling. Thanks to a pre-lockdown recording session in Berlin, they all came up with two singles – the first we can share is “Peter Pan Me” where they take pull and restraint approach that lets Tomas and Jeppe’s vocals cry with a forcefulness and passion which is set to remain in your head forever after. {Bandcamp}