Vulfpeck – Sauna

Album: Schvitz

Label : Vulf Records
© 2022 Vulf Records

Vulfpeck is in a league of their own. Known for their incredible technical skill, the band from Michigan is full of colourful characters who can fill Madison Square Garden without batting an eyelid.

With their seventh studio album, Schvitz, they continue along the same trajectory, foregoing flashy solos and performances to concentrate on what they do best: writing songs. Everything here is meticulously crafted, and the whole album sounds incredibly cohesive, although the band do seem to be stepping away from their love of 1980s disco-funk, especially with tracks like ‘New Guru’ and ‘Simple Step’.

‘What Did You Mean by Love?’ is undoubtedly the most relaxing, successful track on the album, reminiscent of Al Green’s soulful sound and punctuated by a superbly subtle guitar solo by Cory Wong. Most of the vocals are provided by Antwaun Stanley, whose tessitura gives the songs a syrupy sweet sound without ever sounding tacky or kitsch.

Much like their live shows, this album is a celebration. They even sing in chorus on the final track, ‘Miracle’: “All life is a miracle, miracle, miracle”. I couldn’t have put it better myself.

© Brice Miclet/Qobuz